Why You Must Contact a DUI Law Firm Before Proceeding With Your Defense

Too many people, both innocent and guilty, make the mistake of presenting their own defense (or lack thereof) when it comes to cases of driving under the influence. There is a great deal of misinformation out there about drunk driving charges, much of it propagated by prosecutors and police who want to bring this violation to an end. Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with the ends, but the means are questionable and leave many defendants feeling as though they have no recourse. This is far from the truth. If you’ve been charged with such a crime, your first job should be to contact a DUI law firm and begin working towards an aggressive defense.

The biggest mistake you can make is attempting to represent yourself in court. This is a surefire way to make sure you get sentenced with the maximum penalties available, which may be extremely serious indeed. Jail time is certainly on the table in many cases and if you don’t have a DUI law firm by your side, you could very well wind up serving time for your actions. 

Now, there is an important fact to note. Even if you have the best lawyer in the world by your side, if you are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, very little will be able to be done to keep you from incurring some serious penalties stemming from the conviction. If you have a defense worth proffering (and most people charged under these laws will have at least some mitigating factors), it will be worth it to retain experienced legal counsel.

Let’s admit it: police and prosecutors aren’t perfect. Far from it. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when bringing charges against a defendant. If you don’t have a DUI law firm looking after your best interests, you may not know how to bring out these wrongdoings and mistakes in front of a jury. You may not ever know about them at all, as you won’t know what to look for and who to question. A good defense attorney will know these things and they will have been around the block a time or two. They can point out any mistakes that were made and begin to plant seeds of doubt into the people who will be deciding your fate.

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One final note: in many states, there will be an administrative suspension of your license that goes through automatically when you are charged with driving under the influence. You will have only a short window of time in which you can appeal this suspension. Before this window is up, you need to hire a DUI law firm to handle your case so they can be a part of the appeal process. Such an appeal is not successful most of the time, but going through the process can give your attorney valuable information which they can later use when your trial begins.